Hi - I'm Cindy Waters and this is my blog about figuring out how to be successful and sane in Silicon Valley.  

While the blog's title is certainly inspired by Sheryl Sandberg's book Lean In, it's by no means affiliated with the book.  Instead, this is one girl's take (mine) on the evolution of the tech world and her thoughts on where it excels and falls short. 

These observations come from 5+ years of living in San Francisco and working in the tech industry.  While I am not a programmer by trade, I can still tell you why people get fired up about Python vs. Ruby and joke about the "Ballmer Peak."  I love technology and believe it should be accessible for all.

For a long time, my job at the OutCast Agency fulfilled my desire to promote tech where I saw Facebook grow from celebrating reaching 300 million users a month to going "meh" over a billion (just kidding, no one at Facebook ever goes "meh").  I also helped with the launch of numerous companies including Playdom (acquired by Disney), Gazillion, Nest, RockMelt (acquired by Yahoo!), and Path.  Not to mention the years I put in helping "the man" reach the masses in more accessible ways (TurboTax, GE, Netflix, Yahoo!, Dolby).  But in the end, I've always been drawn to the scrappy world of startups where the unknown is exciting and not scary. 

Most of my experience so far in tech has been acting as a bridge between those creating tech and those who use it.  While I've enjoyed geeking out with reporters and generating conversation amongst users, I've realized my job in the agency world limited my ability to help shape products.  No, I don't want o suddenly become another Jack Dorsey, I  want to open the dialogue in the Valley about how people like me can help strengthen product development earlier on in the creation cycle instead of being grabbed at the last minute to promote something we know will fall flat based on our years of experience promoting tech. 

So this is me, and my blog, where I'll discuss my path and thoughts towards leaning in with start-ups.   


 Hamming it up for Elon (err.. I mean my Mom).  

Hamming it up for Elon (err.. I mean my Mom).